PURE Linen and Body Spray
PURE Linen and Body Spray

PURE Linen and Body Spray

$ 22.00

A pure way to revitalize a space and your soul. 

Our 4oz linen and body sprays are made up of USDA Organic ingredients. We use high quality Witch Hazel, Essential oils, and chemical free distilled water.

PURE is a series of 1 essential oil for a simple and refreshing experience. 

We recommend:

Lavender for a calming experience. Especially when using right before bed or when feeling anxious.  
Lemongrass an organic disinfectant and uplifting spray. We recommend this to refresh on clothes and energize you! 
Cocoa  an indulgent way to spend an evening or start the day! Smell like chocolate! No harsh chemicals! 
Eucalyptus to cleanse and awaken the spirit. If sickness feels like it’s on it’s way spray this onto your pillow at night or chest area to breathe in the healing benefits!