Tea Light Candles Set
Tea Light Candles Set

Tea Light Candles Set

$ 10.00

Our best selling soy candles now in packs of 6 tea light form! Hand poured with organic essential oils! 

Choose from:

Variety : Sample one of each - Tranquil, Energy, Love, Heal, Protect, and Chocolat. 

Love - A combination of herbs and oils to spark up the fire inside you to draw positivity and love. Think Jasmine, Lavender, and Patchouli.

Energy- The rose wolf special with our signature combo that we personally use at home. A mix of raw strength and gentle beauty. Think Frankincense, Lavender, and Citrus.

Tranquil - For those who need a break, featuring pure organic lavender oil infused into our soy wax. Providing a relaxing journey to tranquility.

Protect - A candle blend made for the chillier months. With hints of forest pine, cinnamon, and dragon’s blood for a bit of earthy sweetness. 

Heal - For those who need time to reset. Blended with Sweet Orange and Bulgarian Rose. 

Chocolat - Imagine walking in a room where fresh baked brownies are being made! Create the same smell with organic cocoa essential oils! Our strongest scent!